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100% of our wood is retrieved from trees that have fallen or have been discarded due to stress from the environment. Nothing is wasted in our process, even scraps are used to further decrease our footprint.


Reclaimed Wood

New Arrivals

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Carefully crafted for people that care

“Our products aren’t mass-produced using blueprints, precise measurements, and traditional techniques. I draw from my humble beginnings and resourcefulness I used as a child making my toys, to now exquisitely craft our one of a kind pieces.”

Warren L. Edmonds  


The wood dictates how each piece is created.  “WE” transform the material by working to enhance both its perfections and flaws.  Our materials are handpicked for their distinct character, as “WE” create with passion, our final hand-crafted products. The ultimate goal is to offer you a signature product that is equally functional and beautiful.